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SUPER DRY Desiccant -Super Dehumidifier For Moisture and Odor Absorption( 500g / 1000g) Penyerap Lembapan Superdry

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Super Dry the world's leading supplier of desiccants and moisture damage prevention solutions. SUPER DRY desiccants are made from highly hygroscopic Calcium Chloride and starch engineered to absorb moisture from the air, thus reducing the humidity in a controlled environment like poly bags, carton boxes and containers.

What is a desiccant?
A desiccant is a product or material that can be absorbs moisture from the air, thus reducing the humidity in a controlled environment and thereby protecting goods from moisture damage.

Desiccant absorption characteristics
Physical absorption
Such desiccants absorb moisture physically by trapping the moisture inside its capillaries or its surface, yet the water molecules chemical properties remain unchanged, thus the moisture absorption process is reversible.
Typical physical absorption desiccants: silica gel, molecular sieve, etc.

Chemical absorption
Such desiccants absorb moisture and convert the resultant mixture to another substance by changing its chemical properties a process that is irreversible.
Typical chemical absorption desiccant: calcium chloride, magnesium sulfate, etc.

The quantity of comparison of desiccant used
The most common desicants is use are silica gel and clay which only absorb from 10% to 27% of their dry weight, whereas Super Dry desiccant absorbs up to 300% of it's own weight. With 2-layers packaging for double protection.
It turns moisture into gel, absolutely no liquid leakage. Non-toxic thus it's Eco-Friendly to be use.

The absorption rate of Super Dry desiccant is 8 times up to 15 times than the common desiccants.
For example, inside a hermetically sealed box of 1 cubic meter at 30°C and 80% RH, there are 24 grams of moisture. To absorb all the moisture inside the box, about 100 grams of high quality common desiccant are required but only about 10 grams of Super Dry desiccant are required. Furthermore this makes Super Dry extreamly cost efficient verses other type of desiccant.

Super Dry 6 Core Advantages:
1) Absorbs up to 300% of its own weight depending on mix and packaging
Tests prove that 100 grams of silica gel are required to absorb moisture only 10 grams of Super Dry desiccant will suffice. Super Dry's absorption rate is 8-15 times than that of common desiccants.

2) Moisture turns into gel, leakage free
The active ingredients, calcium chloride and gelling polymers when absorbing moisture turn into a gel eliminating any possibility of leakage.

3) Once moisture has been absorbed by Super Dry it cannot evaporate and return into the environment
Super Dry absorbs moisture and turns the resultant mix into a gel by means of an irreversible chemical reaction

4) Broad application temperature range from -5°C — 90°C
Super Dry desiccants with their active ingredients are suitable and can be used in almost all the maritime environment worldwide.

5) Non Toxic and DMF free
Super Dry is a one time use utilizing calcium chloride and environmentally safe polymers and packaging e