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Lots® Tea Bag Series - Flower Green Tea / Flower Oolong Tea / White Tea / Puer Tea / Flower Tea / Rose / Lavender

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Mix & Match Lots Tea Bag Series. Lots Tea Bag Series - Flower Green Tea / Flower Oolong Tea / White Tea / Puer Tea / Flower Tea / Rose / Lavender.

i.) Rose Green Tea (3g± x 25 Tea Bags/can)
High in vitamin C (60% higher than oranges). Important for collagen production & immune system. Improves skin texture & reduces wrinkles. Moderates hormone production which help skin renewal, to improve skin tone & reduce acne. High in vitamin A which improves eyesight.

ii.) Lavender Green Tea (3g± x 25 Tea Bags/can)
It can allay tiredness, tension & sooth anxiety. Stabilize digestive system. Helpful for a sounding sleep & relives headache. It is an ideal tea for treating migraine.

iii.) Ginseng Flower Green Tea (3g± x 25 Tea Bags/can)
Helps to improves metabolism. High in 17 types of amino acids & 3 types of tumors prevention protein. Helps to improves hormone balancing and strengthens heart. Helps strengthen stomach and protects kidneys.

iv.) Rose Oolong Tea (3g± x 25 Tea Bags/can)
Slimming and Beauty. Improve atopic dermatitis, prevent aging & slimming effect. Rose can improve skin texture, reduces wrinkles & beauty effect.

v.) Gold Classic Puer Tea (3g± x 30 Tea Bags/can)
Reduces blood sugar and cholesterol. Reduces blood pressure by relaxing the blood vessels. Reduce blood clotting which can prevent both heart attack & stroke.

vi.) White Tea (3g± x 30 Tea Bags/can)
Anti Aging, Improves Skin Texture. It has antioxidant and anti-aging properties which help in maintaining good health and healthy skin. With antibacterial properties, white tea protect body from various infection. It prevents cold & flu.

Net Weight: (3g± x 25 Tea Bags/can) or (3g± x 30 Tea Bags/can)
Ingredient: Flower and Tea Leaves in Tea Bags
Storage: Keep away from sunlight, heat, moisture and odour