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KOGADO Air Freshener - EVA MAX - Shell Baby Car Perfume - 5 Flavor Fragrance Scents - Pewangi Kereta

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*Non Toxic Air Freshener. Natural, Pure, Environmental Protection & Health Fragrance.
**lt is safe for pregnant woman, children and the elderly people. Available for Pregnant Woman and Baby.

Car aromatherapy product is a kind of automotive products that every car owner will choose. In addition to improving the air quality in the car, it can also be used as a good decoration to improve the car's grade.

*Air Freshener Clip for Car
Since the car has become people's second home, whether the environment is elegant and whether the air is fresh or not is undoubtedly an important issue affecting the "home" happiness.

*Car Ac Air Freshener
Car ac air freshener is actually a small device. The product combines natural essential oils, which can decompose aromatic essential oils with the air at the outlet of automobile air conditioners, and disperse them into the air of the vehicle, so that the environment is more comfortable, and make the interior of your car is fresh and fragrant, clear of odors.

Air Freshener Car Vent Clips
For the owners, when in summer with humid and high temperature air, it is easy to breed bacteria in the car, and cause mildew and various peculiar smell. The simplest treatment way is to choose a car fragrance with lasting and fresh smell.

The production of spices in KOGADO began in Osaka, Japan in 1893. Today, behind every essential oil is the essence of 100 years of experience and the precise blending of more than 200 perfume experts. Therefore, the fragrance of EVA incense core is light-touch and comfortable, pure, delicate, rich, and mellow.

As daily habits, ancient Osaka people liked to put the spice at every corner of the room or fumigate the clothing. Back to the year of 1890, a group of old perfumers from a small workshop collected 26 kinds of spices. They placed all these spices in different pomanders and sent these exquisite pomanders of natural fragrance to every high society family for trial. The picky nobles got high satisfaction then. They believed that only when the heavenly fragrance was drifting through the whole house, the beautiful day had just begun. This was the earliest workshop of KOGADO, and the brand of KOGADO was founded in the meanwhile.

- 100% Plant-Extracted Essential Oil.
- 3D High Precision Injection
- Lasts Up to 45 days
- SGS Essential Oil Safety Certification
- Easy to Install

The fine fragrance was developed and produced in Japan in collaboration with DuPont EVA technology. Available in a selection of fragrances, it works to minimize unpleasant odors and will continue to deliver long lasing freshness to your space. Once in place, it will be lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be.

It is natural and pure aroma, environmentally friendly and healthy.