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JomDiet D'TOX - Enzym Botanical Drink Mix - Enzym - 3 flavor ( Watermelon, Mango, Mix Berries) 45g (3g x 15 sachets)

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JomDiet D'TOX Enzyme Botanical Drink Mix. Natural plant extract enzymes. Helps the digestive system & metabolism, burns fat and safe to drink.

3 types of flavors: Mango, Mixed Berries (strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry), Watermelon.

JomDiet D'tox does not need to be brewed, just tear open the package and pour it directly into the mouth, which is convenient to carry and take!

Take it before going to bed, it help peristalsis in the stomach, usually laxative within 8-12 hours, no abdominal pain, no diarrhea. It effectively expels stool, edema, and toxins accumulated in the body for a long time, thereby increasing metabolism. In addition, it can also enhance immunity, have health care and beauty effects, help anti-aging, and improve constipation problems.

7 ingredients from Japan are used:
-Comprehensive enzymes
-Aloe Vera Extract)
-Oat fiber
-Corn Fiber
-Green tea extract
-L-Vitamin C

Corn fiber can stimulate our gastrointestinal motility and accelerate the excretion of feces. At the same time, the natural vitamin E in it can protect the skin and promote blood circulation. And green tea extract can help us expel heavy metals remaining in the body and reduce the damage of heavy metals to the body. Jom Diet Dtox can not only improve the constipation problem, but also beautify the face, clean our body, and achieve a real and thorough detoxification.

-Skin beauty and intestines-
-Enhance immunity
-bowel movement
-Reduce belly
-Eliminate edema
-Nourishes and whitens the skin
-Reduce acne

JomDiet D'TOX Campuran Minuman Botani Enzim. Enzim ekstrak tumbuhan semula jadi. Membantu sistem pencernaan & metabolisme, membakar lemak dan selamat dimunum.

Safety Certificate:
☑ GMP Product Certification
☑ ISO 22000 System Certified
☑ HACCP System Certified

Made of 100% all-natural plant ingredients, safe and effective, does not contain any western medicine ingredients. Let you enjoy it with peace of mind, without fear of any side effects

A box of net weight 45g (3g x 15 sachets)
Take one sachet every night before going to bed, just tear it open and take it. There are three flavors to choose from.