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Hock Wong Crispy Meat Floss 福王 香脆猪肉松 200g

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Hock Wong Crispy Meat Floss 福王 香脆猪肉松 200g

– Made from fresh pork, it is baked with a unique recipe to produce a golden brown shredded texture, salty and sweet, crispy and flaky enough to be enjoyed straight away or with a variety of dishes.
– For those who like crispy bites, Hock Wong Crispy Pork Floss are so crispy and tasty that you can’t stop at one bite!

– 以新鲜猪肉为原料,加入独特配方烘炒製成呈现金黄色拉丝状,咸甜适中,酥脆飘香可直接享用也可搭配各种佳肴。
– 喜欢香脆口的朋友绝对不能错过,福王推出的香脆猪肉松,香脆可口,一口一把停不下来!

Hock Wong Meat Floss 4 Flavors to choose
1. Original Chicken Floss
2. Crispy Meat Floss
3. Sesame Seaweed Meat Floss
4. Salted Egg Meat Floss 

1. 原味鸡肉松
2. 香脆猪肉松
3. 芝麻紫菜猪肉松
4. 金沙咸蛋猪肉松

Product Weight & Packaging

– 200g± Bottled
– 200克 罐装


– Fresh Pork, Soy Sauce, Sugar, Dextrose, Soy Protein, Natural Flavors and Fish Sauce.
– 新鲜猪肉,酱油,糖,葡萄糖,大豆蛋白,天然香料及鱼露。

Shelf-life methods

– Keep products in cool & dry places and avoid direct sunlight.
– Shelf life visible in packaging
– 存放于阴凉处,避免阳光直射
– 保存期限可见包装

Best to consume within 2-3 months of purchase

LIMITED EDITION. While stocks last!
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