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Lots® Flower Tea Series - Roselle Flower Tea;花茶系列 - 洛神花 (125g)

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Lots® Flower Tea Series - Roselle Flower Tea taste good and contains rich vitamin C that improves the health of the body.

Benefits of Roselle

• Heat cleansing, thirst clenching, relieves coughing, reduces blood pressure, eliminates fatigue.

• Contains rich vitamin C that improves the health of the body.

• Helps in detoxing, diuresis, improves choleresis, breaks down, excessive body fats.

• Has a sour taste, helps to improves blood circulation, and skin condition.

Serving Suggestion

1. Add 3-4 pcs Roselle and pour hot water, brew for 3 mins

2. Done, enjoy!

3. Amount of tea & water temperature can be adjusted according to personal taste.

Net Weight: 125g

Ingredient: Roselle

Storage: Keep away from sunlight, heat, moisture and odour.

• 清热解渴、清心降火、止咳
• 降血压、消除疲劳
• 含丰富维生素C、有助于提高免疫功能、解毒、利尿、去浮肿、促进胆汁分泌来分解体内多余脂肪
• 味酸、有助于活血补血、养颜美容的功效


1. 放进三至四片洛神花,倒入热水浸泡3分钟。

2. 好了,享受吧!

3. 可按照个人口味调配茶的分量和水的温度。