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Lots® Flower Tea series - Osmanthus Tea;花茶系列 - 桂花茶 (20g)

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Lots® Flower Tea series - Osmanthus Tea taste good and helps digestion.

Benefits of Osmanthus

• Strengthen the stomach

• Helps digestion

• Improves lung function

• Reduces phlegm  

Serving Suggestion 

1. Fill a teapot or mug with 1 - 2 teaspoon of osmanthus

2. Add hot water. Steep for 1 - 2 minutes for the first brew

3. Gradually increase steeping time for subsequent brews

4. You can add a little to your favourite green tea, oolong, puer, or red tea to add more fragrance & taste

5. You can add a little to cold lemonade

6. Can be taken warm or cold

Net Weight: 20g

Ingredient: Osmanthus

Storage: Keep away from sunlight, heat, moisture and odour.

• 常服可加强肺部功能。
• 强胃,帮助消化。
• 理气解忧及消炎。


1. 和一至二茶匙桂花放入瓷杯或茶壶里。

2. 加入热水浸泡1-2分钟,可重复冲服二至三次。

3. 可随意参在绿茶,乌龙,普洱或红茶一起冲泡以增加不同口味。

4. 也可以加入少许柠檬汁,冰糖及冰块冷饮。

5. 可选择热饮或冷饮。