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Lots® Flower Tea Series - Lavender Flower Tea;花茶系列 - 薰衣草茶 (20g)

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Lots® Flower Tea Series - Lavender Flower Tea good for relaxation, relieving headache, tension & sooth anxiety. 

Benefits of Lavender

• It can allay tiredness, tension & sooth anxiety 

• Stabilise digestive system  

• Helpful for a sounding sleep & relives headache 

• It is an ideal tea for treating migraine  

Serving Suggestion 

1. Fill a teapot or mug with half teaspoons of lavender. 

2. Add hot water, Steep for 1 - 2 minutes for the first brew.  

3. Gradually increase steeping time for subsequent brews. 

4. Can add some rock sugar or honey to taste.  

5. Can be mixed with jasmine or rose tea also. 

6. You can add a little to cold lemonade. 

7. Can be taken warm or cold. 

Net Weight: 20g 

Ingredient: Lavender 

Storage: Keep away from sunlight, heat, moisture and odour.



• 舒解头痛,压力,松弛神经。

• 对轻微疲倦有良好的效果。

• 强胃,调和消化系统功能。

• 帮助入眠,消除头痛。


1. 把半茶匙薰衣草放入瓷杯或茶壺裡。

2. 加入熱水浸泡1-2分鐘,可重複冲服二至三次。

3. 也可以和茉莉或玫瑰花一起冲泡。

4. 也可以加入少許檸檬汁,隨後可加入蜂蜜或冰糖以增添口味。

5. 可選擇熱飲或冷飲。