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ARNHEM Eucalyptus & Citronella Herb Essential Oil / Minyak Serai & Kayu Putih 安恒尤加利香茅油 (100ml)

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Eucalyptus & Citronella Oil

Ingredients: Eucalyptus Oil (Kayu Putih) and Pure Natural Citronella Oil

Capacity: 100ml

Expiration Date: 5 years

Manufacturing location: Taiwan

Product User’s Manual:

1)    Filled with Fragrant Gourd)

Place the fragrant gourd on top of the dish and spray to the surface. If you want a strong smell taste, it is recommended to fill the citronella oil and spray the surface, so it can double the effect of purifying the indoor air and preventing mosquitoes and insects.

2)    Direct Spray

Put the attached nozzle on the straw. Remember to turn the switch to ON after installation. It can be used directly. It can be sprayed directly to kill and repel cockroaches, ants, fleas, termites, mites, mosquitoes, flies and can spray the product at the wall corners, doors, mattresses, carpets, tatami beds etc.....to prevent and stop the pests and dengue fever.

3)    Mopping

Pre-rinse the floor (this step could be skipped). Add 2 to 3 caps of the product amount into half bucket of water of directly spray it on the mop for mopping to repel the pest! It stays dry and non-stick after mopping.

4)    Detergent

Add 3 to 5 caps of the product to washer (do not add any detergent now), mix it for 5 minutes and allow it stand for 10 minutes. Add detergent follow the normal laundry steps. It can be applied to bed sheets, quilt covers, sweaters and etc. (cotton clothing recommended). It removes dust mites and odor and kills bacterial.

5)    Wood Floor Maintenance

Pre-clean the wood floor and apply the oil directly on the floor or spray the product on the mop or cleaning cloths for immediate use. Not only repel the pest but also maintain wood floor and furniture. It is to keep your home cleaner and shiny.

6)    Pet flea and odor removal

Directly spray the product at the pets like cats or dogs and leave it on for a couple minutes before bathing the pets. Or directly add the product to shampoo.it is to effectively remove the fleas and remove the odor. 




1. 加满擴香葫芦


2. 直接喷洒

   将附赠的喷头装上吸管,安装完毕记得将开关转到ON, 即可直接使用,对蟑螂, 蚂蚁, 跳蚤, 白蚁, 蛀虫,蚊子,苍蝇等直接喷洒有祛除功效,平时可喷洒在墙角,门口,床垫, 地毯,榻榻米……等可预防虫害及骨痛热症。

3. 拖地除虫

   先将地板擦拭干净,将两至三瓶盖的量,加入半桶水,或直接喷洒适量于湿拖把上,用来拖地,驱虫防蚁效果佳, 而且擦完后不油也不会粘腻。

4. 洗衣服除螨杀菌


5. 保养木质地板


6. 宠物除虱